Fairytale garden "paradise"

he oldest excursion restaurant in Bernburg is like a fairy tale. 11 Grimm fairy tales are told using voice and movement-controlled characters in a lovingly landscaped garden. A real attraction not only for small guests. The restaurant with a large beer garden offers tasty dishes and drinks. .

Park railway "Krumbholz"

The small train travels a 1.9 km route across the beautiful floodplain landscape with stops at Rosenhag-Park, Zoo, Sportforum, Keßlerturm and "Paradies"

Tiergarten Bernburg

More than 100 years ago, the current facility with spacious and natural enclosures was created from a peasantry. 1000 animals of 125 different species and breeds live here. The bear enclosure, the cheetah savannah, the meerkat enclosure, the penguin coast, and the walk-in petting enclosure are among the highlights. There are also two playgrounds and a "Tiergartenschenke" which serves food and drinks. .

Adventure pool "Saaleperle"

Cool refreshment after an eventful day in Bernburg is in this modern, very large-scale leisure oasis with water cannons, waterfall showers, giant and Wide slides, three large whirlpools and a diving pool are possible. Heated water and a warming hall also guarantee use on less nice days.

Swimming pool in Bernburg

This attractive hall is equipped with a 25m pool and a non-swimmer pool. Younger guests feel most comfortable in the fun pool with water hedgehogs and dolphins. A sauna area also ensures relaxing hours.

Passenger ship MS "Saalefee"

Explore the flora and fauna along the floodplain forests near Bernburg in the "Unteres Saaletal" nature park on the MS "Saalefee" passenger ship! You can also enjoy the unique view of the imposing residential palace of the Princes of Anhalt - Bernburg! The crew of the fully air-conditioned ship invites you to coffee and lock trips, day trips and moonlight trips with dancing.

Bernburg Castle - Bernburg Castle Museum with Eulenspiegel Tower r

High up on a sandstone cliff, built on the eastern bank of the Saale, you can see the former presidential palace of the Dukes of Anhalt-Bernburg from afar. Changed, expanded, and embellished over and over again over the course of time, it allows insights into architecture from the Romanesque to the Baroque. In the 16th century, it was converted into an impressive Renaissance castle. The “luminaire” with its façade reliefs of Protestant princes is particularly striking. The exhibition area in the museum includes an exhibition on the prehistory and early history of the region, the historical mineral exhibition and the medieval torture tool exhibition as well as an exhibition on witch hunts in this region. One of the oldest and most valuable editions of the works of the reformer Martin Luther is owned by the museum. At 38 m high, the Romanesque keep at Bernburg Castle is the world's largest monument commemorating the funny joke. The 3-meter-thick walls served the castle residents as a last retreat from enemies. The 22nd episode of the Eulenspiegel epic reports that Eulenspiegel served as a tower guard for the Count of Anhalt around 1325. Today he sits high up in the tower as a speech- and motion-controlled figure and tells his story. The tower is on the Romanesque Road.

The Kessler Tower

The "view temple" in the "Krumbholz" is 26 m high and named after its donor Commercial secretary Theodor Kessler called. The tower was built in 1913 and since 2003 you can finally climb the 88 steps to the viewing platform again. Beautiful to look at - the silhouette of the city with its towers, peaks and lots of greenery in the middle. On a clear day, Ploetzkau Castle, the small Bullenstedter Brocken and, with a bit of luck, the Harz Original can be seen.


The mention of a ferry connection in Bernburg's history dates back to the 15th century. Existing bridges were often destroyed by floods or ice drift, so that a ferry was the only way to cross the Saale. The Fährgasse in Bernburg's valley town is still a reminder of this today. The current ferry, the motor ferry "Unity", has been the ideal connection for pedestrians and cyclists between Bergstadt and the local recreation area "Krumbholz" since 1966 and can carry up to 110 people.

City guide Bernburg

The Bernburg city guide Carl-Heinz Schmidt is looking forward to your visit and will guide you through Bernburg to report: Ulenspiegel duped the Bernburgers twice, that a detonating bomb was built for the first time in Bernburg, that the servant Ruprecht came from near Bernburg, that Bernburg is partial to salt, that Bernburg is on the Lutherpad, that sustainable energy is generated in Bernburg that Bernburg has a unique art project in a baroque church (Pop Art meets Baroque) and much more.